Zoe’s senior session

It’s been busy here, and I have missed a bunch of weeks of blogging. I have an image at the show Nourish in Boston, a bunch of images up at Ignight Fitness in West Hartford and the Wish You Were Here show is still hanging in Paris and my parents were here visiting from California… But I have been working steadily behind the scenes! I am going to start back up with the beautiful Zoe and her Autumn Senior Photo shoot Session!


Zoe is super cool, she loves animals and seems to be able to keep a volleyball in the air forever! Zoe is my good friend Cara’s (who is also an amazing yogi and yoga teacher) daughter. They are a client family that I kept and turned into true friends after they did an autumn session with me, in the rain, about 5 years ago. Anyone who will stick it out and do their shoot in the woods as the rain gently falls through the leaves is a keeper for sure!


Zoe is full of life. This session was brimming with laughter and joy. She is planning on majoring in biology as a pre-vet student next year. I can’t wait to hear which school she chooses. She is a fellow vegetarian and a lover of nature and dancing and bakes some pretty amazing cakes! I was lucky enough to try one of her carrot cakes at Cara’s 50th birthday party last month, they taste as good as they look!



I like to make senior sessions extra special, so I combine straight images with images created with Lensbaby lenses, vintage Polaroid and usually 35mm Psychedelic Blues film. In this blog you will see images created with the Lensbaby Velvet 56 and the Creative Optic Lens. The Lensbaby images are softer, with a creamy, often swirly bokah and in this case, some points of light will look like stars. See if you can tell which are which!






Did I mention that Zoe loves animals? This adorable little guy came walking through Look Park while we were doing our session. He was so adorable and just had to join in for a few cameo images. They are all so cute, I can’t really pick which I like the most, so I put more at the end of the blog. Look how both Zoe and this QT-pie beam and smile! I am so glad he stopped to visit with us.





I honestly think Zoe could play volleyball forever!




I always do at least one box of Polaroid Original film with my vintage SX-70 camera during senior sessions. I take the images home to scan them, then they cure in the dark for two months before I wrap them up and deliver them to the wonderful families that use me for their sessions. They make such a great, tangible, keepsake of our time together. I imagine the family sharing the images, parents holding onto them, students taking them to hang on their future dorm rooms. It makes me so happy to be able to deliver real images to my clients! There was a time, not so long ago, where I only shot film, and my clients had to come look at their images on my light box to choose which I would print. This is a little throwback to the old days. But everyone should print their images, digital is great, but real photos are so nice to have!



I love when parents jump into a few images! Cara even joined for one of the Polaroids!


If you, or your senior, would like a creative senior session with me please contact me to discuss how we can make their session special! I really do love to bring my fine art background to all sessions, but high school seniors are especially fun to photograph with as much artistic flair as possible!