Wish You Were Here year six 2019 wrap up

The Wish You Were Here project is a cooperative 52-week project involving woman photographers living and working all around the world. We are just ending our sixth consecutive year! We have been through so much together, we have seen babies born, people move from country to country, or state to state, we have experienced losses and gains together. I can say that I have made some truly great, and very real friends through this project. Social media can bring people together! This blog has my images from 2019, year 6, weeks 40-52. Links at the bottom for weeks 1-39.


Week 40, Wish You Were Here, Paris Edition, Paris~~~ You can read about our exhibition in Paris here!


Week 41, Half Century, Massachusetts


Week 42, Autumnal, Massachusetts


Week 43, The Halloween House and Cara, Connecticut


Week 44, Nourish in Motion, Massachusetts


Week 45, The Start of Cold Sundays, Massachusetts


Week 46, Frozen, Massachusetts


Week 47, Pocket Ladies, Massachusetts


Week 48, Tofurkey Day, Massachusetts


Week 49, World in White, Massachusetts


Week 50, The One, Massachusetts


Week 51. Revels, Massachusetts


Week 52, All Is Quiet, Massachusetts

I am super proud to have been a member of this project from the very first week! This year we had an exhibit in Paris! I, along with a few other artists, went to Paris to help hang, and be present, at the opening in early October. The images on the communal blog post flow from one image to the next, with surprising connections given that we are all in different time and weather zones. My images start, and end, in the dark of winter with the sunnier images of spring and summer in the middle. It is so interesting to see the exact opposite for the photographers living in New Zealand or the continually sunny images from participants living in places like India or Abu Dhabi.

See my images 1-25 here and my images from weeks 26-39 here

I am a bit of an information freak and like to look back at the data from my year. This year I only have 4 weeks of images in black and white. That means I had 48 weeks of color images, which is quite a lot for me! 30 weeks of images were created using Lensbaby lenses, with only 2 images created with real film (both Psychadelice Blues). 23 weeks have images of Meadow Rain, and 7 weeks have Caleb Julius (which is almost a record-setting number for Caleb!) Meadow’s friend Laila is tied with Chris at being in 3 images. My nephews are in two images and my friend Cara is in one (see if you can find her hidden in week 43) my parents and brother can be seen from above in week 33 I really do love to see the data!