The autumn wildflower meadow is a thing of beauty!

The wildflower meadow is still so beautiful this time of year!  The colors are so beautiful, I just love the muted natural tones.  For this family the tones and lighting was just perfect!  And what a sweet sweet family, I loved every minute with these sweet people!

A shoot like this really brings the importance of photography home to me. These kids are just about the same spacing as my children, and looking back, I so so so wish I had images like this of my little ones when they were small.  I had taken a photography hiatus when mine were littles, and I never did a professional shoot out in nature like this.  These images just pull at my heart strings. Go out, take photos, print them!  That is what this session says to my heart!  Get in the photos with your kids!  Have fun, capture them as they are right now, 3.5 and 1.5… so it is an active shoot, do it, you will love the images forever.  I know I would have!

The love and connections and the fun in this shoot just blew me away.  I do wish I had images like this of my littles, I know it can be hard, but really, please take photos, get in there, print your images, keep them safe!  Everything in nature is perfectly imperfect.  So now is a perfect time to capture your life, it will be different by tomorrow!