Project 365~ Week Thirty Four~

Week 34340.365(A) 340.365(B) 341.365 342.365 343.365 344.365 345.365!

We are now in two full weeks of all film images.  I was documenting our time in Vermont both at Bread and Puppet in Glover VT and in the West River in southern VT on film as we went back and forth this summer.  When I got all of the rolls back from Richard Photo Lab I put them in my 365.  They may not  be the exact dates in the 365, but they are close and the scans arrived in my inbox these weeks…  so here are some film images.  The square color images are made using a Diana F+ plastic toy medium format camera with Portra 400 film.  This is my first ever use of a toy camera, and I seriously am in love!  Square black and white images were made using the Microcord TLR camera and Ilford XP2 Super 400 medium format film and the 35mm images were made with the Nikonos V Camera and Ilford Delta 400 film.

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