McCarty-Avery Family, last session of 2019

If it looks like this photo session was created in the tropical rain forest, that is because I have a secret portal into the tropical rain forest! Lucky for us too, because it was freezing cold, and super windy when we did this shoot. It started snowing sideways only a few hours after we wrapped this session up! This family holds a special place in my heart, I have photographed them all so many times, and I am very grateful that we are friends!


I am one of the lucky people who have called Aja, Justin, Ponyboy, Story, Turtle and Blue friends from way back before Blue was born! We have been in many home school groups, and in Two Coyotes Wilderness School together forever. Though my kids are now in school, I am so glad we met and got to go on this journey together!


Ponyboy and Meadow were in Wild Seeds, Black Foxes and finally Fire Keepers together, they have hiked, splashed in rivers, built forts and fires learned about wild edibles and tracking… and the girls are such spirited participants in everything they do too, they too have worked their way up from Pups to Fire keepers. It makes my heart so happy that I have had the pleasure of witnessing their growth and love of nature flourish over the years!







Ponyboy, Story, Turtle and Blue are beautifully close siblings. You can really see it in the images of them, but truly they were not just posing, there were no tears, no fighting, just happiness and love during this session. They all work together to take care of their MANY animals, from ducks to rabbits to cats and chickens, they love and care for them their love for each other, as well as the world around them, shows in these images.






Thank you for trusting me to create images of your family Aja and Justin. I love your whole family!


Anyone looking to have a session like this, please contact me and we can work out how to get you and your family into the tropical rain forest this winter! This is my last session for 2019, but I do work all through the winter, indoors or outdoors, contact me with any questions!