July Twelve Portraits Blog Circle

The July Twelve Portraits Prompt is

Atmospheric integration – wind, rain, snow, water – splashing.

Some of my all time favorite things, and this time of the year we are all about water! Playing in any type of water from rain, to river, to splash park, to pool to lakes and ocean…..

And I said I would do my twelve portraits on film, but this month my portrait is shot with my digital DSLR.

My daughter was playing in the river with all of the kids at the wilderness school she is lucky enough to go to… and I just

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love her fierce warrior girl charcoal face paint face in the river…. So this month is

~Water~Child, River~Warrior~Girl Portrait~

This is a blog circle, so please when you get to the bottom of this post, follow the link to the next super twelve portrait blog post……

Pegnataro, Justin

Pegnataro, Justin

Please follow the blog circle around by clicking the link below to see the July Portrait by

Amanda Fraser from Brisbane Australia


One thought on “July Twelve Portraits Blog Circle

  1. i can feel the coolness of the water – this takes me to another day and time in my own life – a little older than your girl, but an imprint on my memory nonetheless. all that splashy sparkling radiance …beautiful tones.

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