Holiday Market Time

I am not just your friendly neighborhood fine art and commission photographer, I am also a craft-making maven! I just have to keep busy, and I love to make things. This year I am doing only two fairs. I didn’t do Open Studio, and I missed being there, but I had to limit myself this year. I will be at the Hartsbrook Holiday Market at the Hartsbook School in Hadley MA this weekend November 22 and 23, as well as the WEHA Artist Emporium Holiday Pop UP on December 7 and 8 at Watkinson School in West Hartford CT. Both fairs are so much fun, the Hartsbrook Fair is not just vending, it’s great fun for the whole family, if you haven’t taken your children, I highly recommend it! And I love the WEHA artists, the pop up is always amazing!


What I make evolves over time, but I am always doing some sort of fiber arts. I have gone through a needle felting phase, a weaving phase and an embroidery phase, I have not given any of those up, but I seem to need to keep things moving to hold my attention. Last year I started to do some traditional Indigo dying with the shibori technique. I love everything about this process. I love the color, I love the fabric, I love learning folding and resist patterns. And I love that this is something I can do outside when the sun is shining and it is warm. It’s such a calming process. If you want to learn about shibori indigo dying there are a lot of resources out there! I will have sets of napkins, tea towels, pillow covers, and some more macrame with me at both fairs. The tea towels make a great alternative to wrapping paper, they are beautiful, useful and they cut down on paper waste while being a gift in themselves!


The WEHA Artist Emporium has been creating a super fun painted rock hunt in West Hartford for going on 5 years now I believe. I have helped paint rocks and hide rocks every year. It is such a fun way to bring the community together. This year the hunt is only on one day (like it was last year) November 30. You can follow along on the event page on Facebook! It’s fun, it gets the whole family outside and if you are lucky enough to find a painted rock, it is yours to keep for free! We always bring a few other painted rocks with us to the holiday market in case you want another one, or if you didn’t find one this year. I painted a bunch. of peace doves and plants and feathers. Painting on rocks is great, it is a little canvas with no pressure. All of my painted rocks can be personalized with names, dates, quotes… Just ask me!


I will have a few of my blue cyanotypes. Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. These are so in, I even saw one hanging on Randall and Beth’s wall the last 2 weeks on This Is Us! I have a few of the Monstera Leaf prints I made earlier this year. Only a few are left, but I will have what is left with me at the fairs! It is such an amazing process. This is an alternative photo process from the 1800’s. Paper is coated with light-sensitive chemistry and exposed to sunlight. The leaf blocks the light and leaves the paper white, while the sun turns the exposed paper blue. As the paper and leaf sit in the sun an image magically appears. The process of coating paper, exposing, and washing the prints is all done by my hands. Each print is truly one of a kind, I love making them!

20190202_365 Project 2019_365.033_0099.jpg

20190202_365 Project 2019_365.033_0078.jpg

And of course, I always have fine art photography prints and cards with me as well as a few client books for you to look through and decide if you would like to book a photography session with me. The holidays are getting close, but I can probably squeeze in a few more sessions with time for gift giving and card making! I also offer photography gift cards for your special someone to use whenever they would like to book a shoot! Stop by and take a look, buy a card or a print, or a rock or a tea towel, or just to say hi! I love talking about art and crafts with people! Learn more about me here!


If you live in the Hadley MA or West Hartford CT area, I would love to see you at one of my fairs! Happy and healthy holidays to you all!