First Nikonos Roll of the Season….

I love summer! I love it when it is HOT HOT HOT outside and everyone else is wilting. I love to go out at 10pm and still have it so hot and humid out. It makes me want to skip and clap! That is how happy summer makes me.

It is not summer yet. It is hardly even spring, temperature wise… But it has been getting nicer. So on a cool (or should I say coldish) Easter Day we headed to the beach. I love the beach. And I love shooting rolls of film with my Nikonos Underwater Camera. I can not wait to get back into the water with my Nikonos!

So we headed to the beach, we got close to the water, but not in the water. I was so excited to even go close to the beach that I brought my Nikonos Camera along, and shot a roll of Portra 400 color film. These are some of my favorites from the first Nikonos Day of the Year!!

All photographs are straight out of the camera, I have not edited them one bit, no cropping or anything, just straight-up, good-old Portra 400 film.

000070790004 000070790010 000070790011 000070790014 000070790023 000070790031 000070790037

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