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We love Bread and Puppet. We have been going as a family for years and years. I was there before we had children and then camped with them as infants, they first watched the show from the comfort of a baby sling. Now for the past bunch of years they have preformed in the weekly shows. Look closely in many of the photographs, and you will see the familiar faces of Caleb Julius and Meadow Rain happy to be preforming in the Vermont air…

This year I took images of our time with Bread and Puppet with both Digital and Film cameras. The images here were all taken with medium format film. The black and white images were taken with my Microcord TLR and Ilford Super XP2 400 speed film. The color images were taken with a Diana F+ toy camera with Portra 400 film. The color images are also the first two rolls I have ever shot with a toy camera, the first two rolls shot with a Diana F+. I am in love with this little plastic toy camera!

This post is part of the Film Mama September Blog Circle! See the link at the bottom of the post to follow the circle around. I love to see all of the beautiful film photography in this circle!

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Now head on over to a wonderful photographer that I just found out lives pretty close to me! Can not wait to see what

Lea Lebrun Jones


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in store for us this on her Film Mama September blog post! Click the link to follow the circle around

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