Autumn Wrap Up, The Moskovitz Family and many more

As I sit here writing this blog at least a foot of snow lays on the ground while flakes steadily fall from the sky. High School and College were both officially closed, and the snow is not supposed to trickle off until the wee hours of Tuesday morning. I guess even if the winter solstice is weeks away, it sure looks and feels like winter! I am taking this opportunity to wrap up my Autumn Sessions. I didn’t get to blog them all, and this past (COLD) Friday I did a session for a big family at a place beloved by us all. So I will start with The Moskovitz Family… And I will post a sale at the end of this blog as it is Cyber Monday, and I missed Small Business Saturday, so follow along to the bottom to get your coupon code!


I met this big fun family at the school all of their kids, and mine, attend, Hartsbrook School in Hadley MA. Heidi and Andy are very active in the school and have been a part of the community for a long time! It was fun to spend a few hours on the land while it was totally empty. The golden sun hung low in the sky while we visited the animals, the bridge their youngest son helped to build and posed our way from one end of the property to the other. Henry was in Caleb’s graduating class in 2018, it was great to catch up with him and hear about how college is going for him.


People ask, and often struggle with, how to photograph a bunch of “grown up kids”. I will say it is a bit different. No one wants to twirl in a field anymore, so it takes a bit more posing and direction on the photographers part. I am a lifestyle/documentary style photographer, but we have to be adaptable! And this group of seven were super cooperative despite the cold cold temperature and the biting wind!






The Next family on the blog are The Braiewa’s. I actually can’t even remember when I became friends with Katy, but the teenagers you see here were teeny tiny at the time. They have been in by art classes , gone on many adventures and done a few sessions with me in the past. It has been a pleasure to watch these twins grow up over the years, they are becoming lovely people!


It was still quite lovely when we did this session! A warm autumn afternoon at Westmoor Park in West Hartford, a place we have hiked through together, and had plein air art classes and walked the dogs many many times (back when that was allowed at Westmoor!)


I will switch gears here a bit and put up images from two of the creative head-shot sessions I did this past fall. Your head shot is a very important image, projecting your personal brand and should show you at your very best. I am an artist as well as a commercial photographer, I love working with creatives to capture your inner light to best showcase you! I am a patient and supportive photographer, I aim to make this session as painless as possible, and hope that in the end you look back realize it was actually fun! A creative can be anything from a therapist to a yogi, dancer, musician, artist, poet or any career path you feel is creative!


While Kimberlea (Shown below) is someone I have known for years, Kim (above) is someone I met on the day of our session. Kim is a therapist and Kimberlea is an author and an artist. I have done family and senior sessions for Kimberlea’s family and we have a special connection that I hold dear. Kim was super fun to meet, and I know we would have a great time hanging out. Both sessions were partly outside and partly inside. Both were a pleasure to work with! You can learn about the meaningful work that Kim does for coaching and therapy by following the links.



These images are of the Wood Family. I met them quite some time ago, when they first moved to West Hartford CT, and the very first time we met we hiked to Westmoor Park to visit the animals and see the beautiful nature in the park and trails. The kids were little, Anna and Meadow are similar ages and we were all homeschooling at the time, it is always great to find another homeschooling family with kids the same age with similar interests. Meadow and Anna have gone to concerts together, the kids have been in my art class and we did many activities over the years. I can’t believe we are rounding the end of High School for these girls!


My final family for now is a family I photographed both last fall and this. Tiny Vera was an adorable, very bouncy 2 year old last year, and this year she was a bit more cautious. But we had lots of fun exploring Westmoor park! We saw lots of ducks, walked the paths, balanced on logs and stone walls and had a really fun time on an Autumn afternoon!


If you would like to check out the Dunham Family’s session from last year, you can here! I really like to see the changes the children go through from year to year. Very was super cute and obviously a nature lover both years and I hope to see her, as well as all my old and some new clients, in 2020!


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This makes such a wonderful and unique gift, I am sure the lucky recipient will love to have some images created. I strive to make images that you will want to look back on for many many years to come! Thank you so much! I love working with you all!