Tiny Bubbles

My absolute favorite thing of all time is to spend time in water.  I have loved floating in water from the very beginning of my existence. Some of my first memories are of bath time, and playing in the pool or ocean. And today there is nothing I love more than time in or around water. The pull of the tide at the ocean, the beautiful feeling of river water flowing around my body, floating weightless in the pool or pond. Hot springs! Oh hot springs, lovely hot water bubbling up out of the earth, the swirls of steam enveloping my vision! I love the anticipation of a good rain storm and will run out with my arms held out to feel the prickle of raindrops on my arms, soaking my hair. I love to dance in the rain! The way time and sound just stand still while in water... I love it all so!

My passion for water and photography have found the perfect match in my vintage Nikonos V underwater camera. From the moment I received my heavy, bright orange Nikonos V, I was filled with bliss. Photographing under water and out in the rain on film! Love!

These are some of my favorite images shot with my Nikonos V. I use Portra 160 and 400 for color, Delta 100 and 400 and Ilford Super XP2 for black and white.