Welcome Baby Navya

Babies are such a nice way to start people.

Don Herold

Navya has just arrived to the neighborhood!  I love her already!  She lives across the street from us, and I can tell from one short visit, that she is a perfect addition to their home.  Such a beauty!  Her hair!  Her long fingers and tiny toes!  That yawn!  Swoon!! 

I love it - I love it - the laugh of a child,

Now rippling and gentle, now merry and wild;

Ringing out on the air with its innocent gush,

Like the trill of a bird in the twilight's soft hush;

Floating up on the breeze like the tones of a bell,

Or the music that dwells in the heart of a shell:

Oh, the laugh of a child, so wild and so free,

Is the merriest sound in the world for me!

Isabel Athelwood

Welcome Baby Navya!