Welcome Baby Henry Mason

From squishy baby lips and teeny tiny finger nails to newborn kisses and fuzzy soft heads..... There is no time more full of love and togetherness than that of welcoming a new baby into a family.  I love capturing these little moments!  I swear when I went to edit these images, I think baby Henry changed in just the two hours I was there.  Each moment is special and fleeting and unique, what a great honor it is to help capture these moments!  I dream of the family looking at these images now, and then in a year when this tiny baby can sit up and maybe even walk, then again at his second birthday when he is chatting up a storm just like his big brother Nate does now.  Then again when he is graduating from high school.... and all through the years... until one day, far in the future, when Henry could be showing these very images to his one children and saying "I was a teeny tiny baby in 2016!"....  


Oh my gosh, those tiny fingernails on those tiny fingers! 

I love images that really show size.  I have one image I look at all the time of my daughters tiny tush being supported by her daddy's hand, it didn't even take up  his whole palm! I look at this image all of the time....  Look at tiny Henry holding the tip of his Papa's pinky finger!  So sweet, so relaxed! 

A Daddy and his boys! 

Oh my gosh, Henry Mason, right now you are so tiny, you don't even take up half of a dresser sleeping there so soundly on your changing table, all wrapped up in love.

And in the other room....  Giggles and cuddles with Nate!

First sweet baby kisses, there is nothing better than the smell of a newborn baby's fuzzy little head. So soft and covered in downy hair, I think I see curls starting on Henry...  maybe just like his Mama!  

And Just in case Nate looks huge to you, sitting there so proud next to his baby brother... here he is, still a tiny two year old, always so helpful.... walking through the gate.  While I was there he "fixed" the windows in his cool cardboard house with a (plastic) "chainsaw",  Fixed a door and a chair with a red wrench, and then I believe he was just coming a back from fixing the fence here.  

And I will leave you with this, my favorite, image,  because it is all right here.  The love, the trust, the layers of a mother's love.  Like we said at the session, the days are long, and the years are short, even in the thick of it, with a newborn and a toddler, the love, the work, it is all beauty.  

I book maternity and newborn sessions year round.  Inside or outside, and I LOVE babies!  I have a new package I am putting together that I am so excited about, can't wait to show you all as soon as I have it all together!