Underwater 35mm Film Camera Fun!!!

06850010 - Copy (2) I just got my first two rolls of print film back from The Darkroom!  I am so excited to see them!  They were shot with 400 speed black and white Ilford film on my (new to me) Nikonos film camera.  This was sooooooo fun!!


 The Nikonos is a range finder camera,  you don't see through the lens and it feels like you have no idea what will be captured, and then if you add in being underwater and not really able to see....  it's like a mystery!  And it's so old school to send a roll of film off and then wait to get it back just to see what happened, and then the mail comes with the images and it's like a present!  So exciting to see the images!!


06850016 - Copy (2)

I love every single image.

 From the ones out of the water that are so clear to the ones of just people's legs that showed up even though I thought I was looking half in and half out of the water....

06850025 - Copy (2)

That's me there in bathing suit!

You  know I wouldn't be posting that if I didn't love it!  This image was taken by Chris Meredith.  And that is Anna's baby Chloe, isn't she perfect?

06850031 - Copy


06860010 - Copy



06860029 - Copy

We are going to the beach tomorrow...  I'll be bringing the Nikonos loaded up with Ilford DELTA 50 film..

I cant wait to see how the beach images come out!  I'll be sure to post them!!