'Tis The Season for cozy baking

‘Tis the season for baking! I love holiday traditions and Meadow loves making cookies! What are some of your families holiday traditions?

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What I love the most about any holiday is how we come together to do cozy things like craft and bake and sing, just generally be together in the same room doing similar cozy things. These cookies were made and wrapped and taken to a holiday party at one of Meadow’s friends homes. It was fun to then sit inside around a hearth fire with the other adults while the teenagers were outside around their own bonfire. We all chatted and laughed and talked while the kids jumped on a trampoline and played games and had a great time.

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I am not sure if we would pass inspection, but Totoro, the newest addition to our family, sure does love to help out, no matter the project. Photo shoot? Totoro the kitten is there! Cookie making with Totoro on a shoulder… totally doable!

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This was a new recipe for Meadow, she used this one, thanks to my friend Hannah for the cookie recipe suggestion! We just rolled the dough into round balls and cooked them for 15 minutes before taking them out to add a kiss or a hug. All were brought to the party, and almost all were eaten that night! They were a big hit, thanks Hannah!