Strong is Beautiful at Thrive Movement Studio

I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to  know Heidi Kirchofer and Joel Melendezthe past few years.  They are friendly, fun, energetic and so inspiring!  Meadow has taken classes with them and we have all had the pleasure of seeing them preform.  If you get a chance to catch a show with Matica Arts or take a class or join a camp at Thrive.... Do it!  They really are amazing! The images on this blog are just a sampling of what these two (and their two adorable boys) are capable of!

This was an action packed photo shoot for sure!  When on the ground there was so much tumbling, twirling, juggling and leaping, and then WAY up in the air there was even more twisting and twirling and flipping around!  This was one very fun and active photo shoot, I love working with Heidi and Joel!  

If you can't already tell from these images.... they are honestly amazing!    You really should check them out!  You can see more about the programs they offer and the events they will be at on their website  

Thank you for looking!  I had so much fun doing this action packed shoot!  There was so much tumbling and juggling and swinging way high up....  So much energy and joy packed into Thrive!  

I even brought my SX-70 Polaroid Land Camera and took a few Impossible Project Film images to end the day!