The Lovely Chakravarti Family

Lets just be honest about what went on at this family's photo shoot.  Twirling.  And more twirling! And then even more twirling! From the second these two adorably loving girls got out of their car, I knew we would have a great time!  From their stuffed bunnies that matched my camera bunny, to the twirly skirts on their dresses... I knew we would have fun, and I was right, we had a great time in the summer sun! What a sweet loving family!

If you have ever wondered where the flower crowns these, and other lucky people at my photo shoots, get their beautiful flower crowns from... just wait for my next blog post! I captured my flower crown maker, in action, in the hot hot hot summer sun making the three in this last photo just before this shoot! I'll post that lovely hot sunny day in my next post!