The Gedick Family at the beach

We also did a family photo shoot for the happy Gedick Family at the ocean while we were also doing Zoeii's senior photos!  It was so fun to play in the surf, get our toes all sandy and dance in the waves with them! Such fun!  Since Zoeii had her whole own blog post last week, this week we get to see the rest of the family too!   I had a great time, I just love love love to do photo shoots on the beach! 

Two shoots in one!  I don't often get this amount of time with a family, but you can see we had lots of extra time to play and dance and leap with joy!  There was sun, we were hot, then the beautiful clouds rolled in with light misty rain, and then a downpour.  But the clouds look great in photos, and the rain brings curls and the downpour brings time to dance under the awnings, and we all love the water...  so it was great!  Thank you for spending a bit of your day with me Cindy and Keith, I loved working with you all!  And remember, if anyone wants a shoot in (or near) the water, I am your girl!