The Evermore Family on a Summery Day in the May Wildflower Meadow

I am not going to lie to you all, it was HOT when we met on Saturday afternoon for this little photography adventure in the wildflower meadow.  Hot like August in New England, with that humidity level that makes it feel like you are walking through a bath.  But it wasn't August, it was May, and no one was really quite accustomed to the heat, or ready to make a last minute rational decision to maybe do the shoot at a river, or the  beach.  

We just believed a thunder storm would breeze through, and the evening would be lovely.  We were wrong about the thunder storm, though we did still have a lovely time. And only now, on Monday night, has it occured to me that perhaps I should have suggested the river....  

But none the less, spirits were high, the girls ran straight into grasses taller than their heads.  The sunlight was beautiful and we created, what I do hope are, beautiful images that this adorable family will treasure for generations!  

I do try to limit my blog posts to about 20 images.  But sorry, I just couldn't this time, and you will all just have to look at twice that number.  Even keeping it to 40 was tough, how could I leave out the image of a tiny little one, so small, only the tip top of her head, and her hands held up in the air, show over the tops of the grasses.... or the one behind the bird blind... or that adorable one with dad walking away holding both of his little girls... or... or..., just look at them all and see for yourself!

I really loved hanging out with your beautiful family Lindsay, the girls are so fun and you are both such wonderful and loving parents.  You have a strong little family, and I look forward to spending more time with you!  Next time....  the beach (if it's 95 and 100% humid lol!)