The Bassett Family On a Lovely Autumn Day


The Bassett family is just one of the sweetest families out there.  I am lucky to have them as repeat photography customers, I mean who doesn't love people who like your work so much that they come back for more!  I love being able to say things like "remember when Lizzy was younger than Rebecca is now?" "Remember our first shoot when Rebecca was a newborn?". "Remember when I helped do Abigail's make up for The Nutcracker?"  Oh, the honor of getting to know them, see their family grow, getting to see the kids grow and their personalities bloom is amazing,but it is also so much more than that.....  

  The Bassett family has just moved into a beautiful new house. Not just a house, a homestead, a dream, a beautiful old home with a barn and land, chickens and a garden, places for the kids to run and explore, real work to do, forts to create, a tire swing, trees to climb, a pond to explore... Inside I felt so welcomed,  and so loved.  I am sure anyone visiting their home would feel the same, but for me, when I walk up their stairs, I see images of their family framed and hung on the wall, images that I took...  In their kitchen I saw, three rocks hand painted by me, and a felted white wool dove that I sewed with my daughter, there nestled among proverbs lovingly painted on the walls by Amy and gorgeous paintings by the children, there with all of their special things, were things I created with my hands!  And when I look around my home I see hand knit cup warmers and uplifting sayings on cards all made by Amy! This all makes me feel so special,  I know that this family makes everyone feel special.  I left their home with homemade pickles, gluten free crackers, a big mug of steaming tea and a very full heart.  

Their new home is so warm, it smells like a big warm hug.  I am sorry I couldn't stay longer, if not for the fading light, I would have photographed the inside and outside of their home for hours. And I know it was hard for me to limit the images to put in this blog post, so I am also sorry, and not sorry, that there are so many to look at here...  These autumnal images call for a cup of tea, some pumpkin muffins and a bit of time.

Oh and did I mention what a joy they are to work with?  An absolute joy, everyone happy to be in photos, to walk around, excited to show me special places in the woods and on their land. The children cooperative with their parents, me and each other.  If I forgot to say it before, I will say it again, they are a joy to work with! 

Thank you so much for opening your home and hearts to me!  I had such a great time seeing you all, meeting new animal friends and experiencing the splendor of a New England Autumn afternoon on your land!  God willing, I look forward to more photo shoots and more cups of tea with your beautiful family!