Senior Portrait Time

Remember their first day of school?  How big their backpack was on their tiny shoulders? Their face scrubbed clean, perfect hair, new shoes all shiny and ready to go... Remember how you counted the hours until you could pick them back up?  Counted the hours and paced around the house wondering what they were doing, if they were ok? And they came home full of stories about their beautiful teacher and the self portrait they had drawn to go into their file, not to be seen again until the very last day of school. 

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How is it that the years have flown by and now you are driving around together, visiting colleges, preparing essays, taking tests and getting ready for another big transition?  Now they are getting ready to enter their last year of high school. They say "the days are long, but the years are short" and nothing is more true when looking back at your child's life.

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Senior year in high school is so big, big for you, big for them, full of big adventures, big emotions and big changes. It is time to create images of your child as they are right now with Senior Photos. Not just for the yearbook, but for you to have and to hold, to look back on for years to come, for them to show their children as they enter their twelfth grade year.... Big changes are ahead, lets capture them as they want to be seen at this exact moment in time.


Senior year in high school is an emotional ride for sure. We just lived through it last year, from the college trips to the college application process, the beginning of Senior Year is full of excitement! The kids feel the pull toward their college years, as they cling to old routines, friends and all that high school still has to offer. Your baby will go through so much this year, there might be a senior trip (Caleb's class went to Puerto Rico to build houses) there will be senior dances and many lasts, the last game in their chosen sports for their current team, the last play, the last yearbook.... as they count down the days left in high school, you will also be counting down the last days with them in your home as you have come to know it for the past 17 or 18 years.  This final year in high school is so exciting and so emotional, it really is everything, a step toward the unknown, the future.....

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Creating senior portraits for families is such an important part of the twelfth grade year. These are images that not only you and your family will look at for years to come, but they will be immortalized in The Class Of 2019 year books.  These books will be passed around at the end of this school year, to be signed by friends and teachers alike.  But imagine how these special year books will also be pulled out in the future..... at the beginning of college, kids pointing out their high school friends to their new college friends...  books will be pulled out again for the 10 year high school reunion... dusted off and leafed through at the 25th reunion... taken out to show their kids what high school was like in 2019.  This is an important moment standing on a precipice of their future,  I would love to capture their now for you! 

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Contact me with any questions, I would love to photograph your child's Senior Portraits! I have a few senior portrait packages, one to fit every budget and one of your rising twelfth graders dreams! 

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What I find extremely exciting about Senior Photo Shoots is that I really get to know these kids.  I get to see their passions and what they want to have recorded for all of posterity, what they feel is important to them RIGHT NOW.  Things change, obviously, but right now they want me to see them dance, or play guitar, or with a flower crown, or in a river, or all dressed up but by a torn down building. It is their turn to show me... my camera.. their world... all of their people who they really are at this very moment. They are in control of the shoot, where we go, what we do. This is such a powerful moment of growth.  I take standard head shots, but I also venture into the ocean, or sit with them while they play guitar or patiently watch them dance as the sun sets.  Whatever it is that they need to document to show who they are, I am right there! 

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This is joy, this is what they will remember and look back on.... let me capture them as they are this year!  Oh and I also will shoot a box of  Polaroids with a vintage camera for them as a little special, a little something extra for them to hang on the wall of their dorm room <3 (I can just see them tacked up, or hung on string with little silver clips... Professional Vintage Polaroid images are just the thing to brighten up a dorm room!!) 

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When they finally do graduate at the end of this coming school year, there will be so much joy, so many tears, so much hugging.  SO much hugging that I made this little montage of my son at his graduation this past June.  Hug your babies tight, this year goes by so quickly, it will be filled with ups and downs, firsts and lasts, heartache and happiness.... 


Contact me with any questions, I would love to photograph your child's Senior Portraits! I have a few senior portrait packages, one to fit every budget and one of your rising twelfth graders dreams! 

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