Project 365~The Eighteenth Week

I have to say that these last two weeks have not been fun.  I am lacking motivation to continue on with this project.  I am not really a quitter, and I don't know if I actually maybe should just stop with this, or push on through.  On one hand it is taking all of my photography time.  I have done nothing other than this project really for the last 133 days.  I have other things I would like to give my attention to.  I really am enjoying getting back into film and LOVE shooting the Microcord I got for my birthday as well as my grandfather Julius's Nikon F2, and the weather is just starting to turn, so I feel the pull to get into the water again with the Nikonos.  I just got 5 rolls of film back and between the shoots with Two Coyotes and this 365, I have hardly even looked at those rolls of film.  So I am not sure if this is actually a natural stopping point, or if I should push through and do this year.  I really was looking forward to the book of photographs and journaling  once it is all done.  I am not sure.  But my time is so limited, I have personal projects, and client work, that I feel is getting a bit neglected.

Also my main subject has been in so much pain, I just can't photograph her.  She is too young for that, she is such a good sport with my photography, and does not like her photograph taken when crying or suffering and I totally respect that.  But without my main subject, this really is hard.  I have been doing way more in the way of still life and tiny moments.  But my main passion is capturing time out in nature.  And right now, Meadow will not even walk down the street past the scene of the accident.

I guess time will tell.  I will see what tomorrow brings.

As always,

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