Nikonos captured images of a trip to the beach on a grey day in June

I look forward to any chance to go to the beach. Any weather! I love the feeling of the wind, the smell of the ocean the pounding of the waves. Looking for small treasures, stormy day or hot! But we don't live all that

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close to the ocean, so trips to the beach generally happen in the summer. I call this part of the year, Nikonos Season! I love to take my Nikonos Camera with me to the beach (and the pool and the river... But beach is best!) And this was our first real trip to the beach this season, captured on Portra 400 with my Nikonos Film Camera. We didn't go into the water, more than up to our ankles, but it still was very invigorating and fun, and really... the official start to Nikonos Season!

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