Nichole and her Two Beautiful Children

I first met Nichole in New Haven at Katalina's Bakery. She was in charge of the Mother(ing) and Child show that I was (super lucky to be) in.  When we met at the bakery, I felt a great connection with Nichole. She is a sweet heart and I am so glad we met!  When she contacted me to do her family photo shoot, I was honored and honestly counted the days until I could see her again and meet her two children.  Well that day was this past Saturday!  We met at my home, and started off on our photo adventure in the summer evening sun.  Meadow ran though the wild flowers to create flower crowns for all....  What a great way to spend a Saturday!  We even ended the whole sweet evening with a trip to Sweet Frog, sitting in the grass, chatting and enjoying the great company! 

I loved photographing these three, the love they feel for each other is evident in every image. Hands touching, kisses exchanged, smiles, hugs, contented leans with eyes closed...  Just love through and through! 

I can't say enough, how much I love spending time in my meadow studio with families...  capturing moments-that-become-memories, creating images that will be looked at many many years from now, when these children have children....  It is an honor to be entrusted with this task, and I love it.  

As the summer sun set behind the trees, and the little bug-fairies came out to play, we left the golden sunshine and rainbows behind, walked through the canopy of trees and back out into the "real" world.