More Fog, more time for slow, silent, cozy reflection

Last week we were officially what we call "socked in" all week.  Fog as thick as pea soup, or peanut butter (you eat what you like, and I'll eat what I like... )  as the saying goes.   These days can be so dark, and so long!  One day I thought it was midnight when it was really noon.  But the blessing hiding in all that fog are a lot of slow, cozy, quiet days.  We actually did a lot of art, and a lot of crafting, and a lot of reading, and some soup making and had many hours on the couch under quilts or in the fort with all of the silks out....   And out in the field with us?  No one, just some brave birds....  It was refreshing and lovely and so quiet in our little field in the fog!

Meredith Family Meredith Family Meredith Family red foggy fieldMeredith Family