Lifestyle with the lovely Lee-Spaleta Family

This family is full of energy, full of love, full of laughter and fun.  I traveled to their home over the weekend and was welcomed with warmth and friendly faces. I really enjoyed my time with every one!  The children were so lovely, they each even made me a special s'more, I left with a heart full of love and happiness!

People ask me the difference between one hour mini sessions, and my longer sessions.  I offer my lifestyle packages in one, two, four, eight or more hour increments.  It all depends on what you are looking for, if you want a session like this one, where we get some nice posed images mixed with lots of candid images and images with family dogs getting all fancied up, plus clothing changes and an activity like making sweets around a family campfire.... Then you want a longer, four hour family lifestyle image session.  I love doing sessions like this, because, lets be honest, all the beauty comes out, all of the stress leaves, after the first hour of posing is over.  All of the beautiful little details and the fun of making something like s'mores as a family.  That is the goodness of family life right there! 

There is quiet beauty everywhere... in Star Wars socks on swinging feet, in the fleeting moments spent wrapping up a special baby doll, in faces covered in graham cracker crumbs, in cuddly moments in sunlight on Mama's lap, in an upturned face, so so full of joy as Daddy pushes his littlest on the swings.  I am always honored to capture these moments as well as the beauty found in images that might be more posed...  I love sessions where we capture both for your family!