Jade In The Snow~Trying out my new Twist 60 Lens

I took my final image for Feathered, a Project Lili Love and I have been working on all year, of Jade Soto. She posed outside of Artspace Hartford CT, on a very snowy Sunday afternoon.  I picked one image for the final Feathered post, and one for the Wish You Were Here project I have been a part of for the past 3 (going on 4) years. In all honesty, though, I can't pick a favorite image from this batch. We were super fast, the snow was coming down hard, Jade was not really wearing much, and I didn't want to get my new camera and lens wet. While Chris held an umbrella over my camera, and Jade sat on the snow covered bench outside of Artspace Hartford, I took ten images, I love eight.  I love the first because it looks like a still from a movie, I love the others because, snow and swirly bokeh, and black and white and feathers and Jade... So here are my eight favorites.  

Thank you for posing in the snow Jade, you were very patient and kind to sit out there in the cold!

I do head shots and portraits year round!  Anyone looking for a super artsy head shot (or a combo super artsy and not so super artsy) give me a shout out!  I would love to work with you on your head shot needs!  For head shots, I mostly work with creatives, from dancers and yogis to musicians and writers to painters and actors... <3