Jackson Family Storytelling-Lifestyle Photo Session!

I had the great pleasure of hanging out with this lovely family on a chilly Sunday morning.  I arrived in time to see morning hair brushing in session and stayed all the way through fun and games and a toasty fire including S'mores, pizza dough kneading,  jumping on the couch, snacks in the kitchen, crafts in the living room and finally catch outside in the back yard. 

 A story telling Lifestyle session is unlike a traditional photo session.  It is great any time of year, but the colder months are just perfect for hanging out inside and documenting your special home and family traditions!  A session like this typically lasts a few hours and we get to experience and document this time in your family's life.  One day when looking back on these images you will see not only the love your family has, but also all kinds of little details that may go unnoticed, but will bring smiles and maybe tiny tears of happiness when looking back.  Things like toys underneath the couch, or crumbs on tiny faces, or handmade couches in the doll house.... tiny details captured forever.  I just love sessions like this!

Remember when you were so tiny and you jumped around on the couch singing?  Or that time you pretended to take a photograph of the photographer with your hands?  (I love that part of our story together.  Below, Marigold said she was going to take my picture, I said, "do you have a camera?", and she looked around so seriously, looking for a camera.  Then came back with her hands like they are in the image below, and said "This is my camera, I am taking your picture!") That is what a storytelling, lifestyle photo shoot is all about!

A cozy fire made with love by Dad, Donell?  S'mores on a cold Sunday Morning?  Yes please!

And remember when Marigold was tiny and didn't like S'mores, and instead ate crackers in the kitchen below hand made paper snowflakes?  And then Moses came to entertain with a banana phone?  

Hannah is an amazing artist.  She painted these tree murals in the front hall in their house.  I can't get over how beautiful they are, so pretty and happy when first entering her cozy happy home.  I had to get the girls to stand in front of the trees for a few images.  I didn't plan to have it look like the branches are coming out of Zella's hair, but I love to see how perfectly this works.  HumanNature Zella take 2.  


Crafts for the girls, boys relaxing by the fire.  Such a cozy morning!

I love that Moses is the kitchen helper, he came right in (and washed his hands!) to help knead the pizza dough! 

A little family posing time, and then outside!  Outside in January in Connecticut calls for boots, and hats and coats! 

It was cold out there, but we kept busy!  Lots of fun to be had! 

And that was a wrap for the Jackson Family Storytelling-Lifestyle Session.  I had so much fun with this beautiful family, I could have stayed all day!  If you would like to book a session like this, now is the perfect time!  Lets spend a few cozy hours together capturing a day in the life of your family!  The normal every day really is special, and it will be super duper special when these kids sit down to show these images to their kids someday!