Film Mama June~HumanNature too...

For this June Film Mama Blog Circle Post I had not intended to again do Microcord Double Exposures.

I sent in one roll of Microcord Film and three rolls of 35mm film shot on my Nikonos. I wait

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all year for it to finally be summer, finally be Nikonos Water Film shootin' time. But then I got all 4 rolls back together and I just love these double exposures so much I decided I had to use these.

All double exposures are shot in camera using my twin reflex Microcord

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Camera and my current favorite film, Ilford XP2 Super 400 film. I call them HumanNature as it is a combination of human and nature as one. Or as I like to think of it humans as nature. I love shooting these double exposures, it is just so thrilling to have no idea how they will turn out. I love how soft the Curly Willow and the Japanese Maple leaves are in the first and second images, and I just LOVE LOVE how the flower ones came out. I really like how clear the flowers are in her hair and on her face in the third image and how they showed up on her arms and in the leaf shadows in the fourth image. Then the fifth image again is soft, although also of the flowers from the Beauty Bush, but on a different day with different lighting. I also just love trying straight shots with the Microcord. All film is like magic, that magic moment when you get your scans back and its just like a present seeing what was there, but I feel like I have so much less control with the Microcord, so it is just so much more of a surprise to see what comes back.

I have also included a few of my other favorite images from the Microcord Roll that are not double exposures. One of a waterfall I took on Mothers Day, one of my daughter standing at the base of the waterfall the same day and one of her against the white fence that I did not do a double exposure with. Same image, just shot straight, no beauty bush as a second exposure. I hope you like! At the bottom of the post you will find a link to the next film shooter in the blog circle... Please follow along to see their June Post!

Happy Film Shooting!

I also loved the Nikonos Rolls I got back, I will be posting those too....

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Follow the link to the lovely Lea Lebrun Jones to see her film post for June!