Feathered.... The First Four Weeks

Feathered, is a project Lili Love and I have decided to work on together. It is a weekly post of a feather image apiece, created by two friends living 3,370 miles (and a large, North Atlantic Ocean, pond apart)  

We first connected years ago when we became Secret Santa partners in a little exchange arranged by wonderful photographers who had all taken the same workshops.  I really feel it was destiny for us to have been paired up.  From our wild children and love of nature we have a lot of similar images...  but it has come to our attention that really, we have much more in common than a love of nature, and magical creatures...  

When we were both feeling a lack of creative energy for many reasons, we came up with the idea of trying to live one feather at a time.  Through this project we are simply going to take an image with a feather in it every week.  It is as simple as that, but so much more, how can we create interesting and creative images with a feather 52 times?  What will come of this?  We don't know, but honestly, one feather at a time, we will make it through, it will be simple, free, but also, I hope profound and trans formative.   

The images are to be seen as one image, and are shown as so on the Facebook page for Feathered.  But once a month I will post them here, side by side, but on their own, so we can all see them at their full size.  Here I give you the first four weeks of Feathered.  Lili's photos are first, followed by mine.  We hope you enjoy them!


Week one, Phyllis's image was created using black and white SX_70 Impossible Project film, and a tag sale SX-70 camera. 

Week two

Week three, Phyllis's Image is an Impossible Project instant film image created with color SX-70 film and a tag sale SX-70 camera


Week four

Thank you for following along on this journey with us.  We can not wait to see where 52 weeks of Feathered images take us!