E and G HumanNature

These are the first HunanNature images I have created with my Mamiya RZ67 instead of my usual Microcord TLR.  The Mamiya RZ67 does not create square images, so I cropped them to match the other HumanNature images.  The Mamiya is big and heavy and has to be on a tripod, so it is a little slower to use, but it does allow me to do a bit of micro focusing.  I took the image of little G here and then got up nice and close to a single Queen Anne's Lace Flower.....

Just look at the starburst of a Queen Anne's Lace flower just bursting out of little G's cheek bone!   I can hardly deal with how perfect those little bursts of flowers look!  

I do try to keep the image and orientation of my subject in my head while composing the second layer of nature...  but I still feel that each image is co created by nature and myself. Just look at how beautifully the roses frame E's face and then follow along her hair line... and the flowers radiating out from her right eye? Do you see that?  It that looks like big beautiful lashes made from rose petals!  I am always amazed when the little details work out so perfectly!  

Do you see the sideburns and beard made of ferns?  And the tiny wildflowers in his hair?  I wish I could take credit for all of this, but I really feel that I work in tandem with the earth on these images.  That side burn!  Oh how I LOVE that fern side burn! 

I think E might be the only one to ever pose for a HumanNature image with her shoes on!  But I love how it feels like she is sinking back into the wildflowers that have overtaken her profile. She is here....  and she is also part of the wildflower meadow....  Feet on ground, head in the flowers! 

And Finally, G with daisies just splashed across his face, because, who can resist a giant daisy on your shoulder and at your left temple?  Not me!

You too can have your very own HumanNature image creation session with me!  If you feel called to do so please contact me!  I love to make them all year round!  It is so fun to see how the seasons and nature around us helps to shape these images!