Brooklyn Day Trip with the Lensbaby Velvet 56

A day, 24 hours, a few photos (since I was experiencing the day, not just photographing…) So much that you can’t see here. You can’t see what a great co pilot Meadow is. She makes custom DJ playlists full of Queen and 80’s hits with little gems from now mixed in. You can’t see how well she handles my (insane) anxiety when driving across bridges. My hands and legs literally go numb and I have to talk myself through all bridge crossings. Meadow tells me I am doing great and to just look at the cars and not up or to the left or right. You can’t see the little bagel shop where we had a late lunch, or the stop at Pepe’s for pizza at 9pm for dinner. We have to drive out of NYC to get pizza lol!

But you can see a few cool images from the Brooklyn Art Museum, and the Brooklyn Sketchbook Library. All images were taken with a Lensbaby Velvet 56, with the exception of 3 Iphone images that made it in. I couldn’t get the whole “dinner party” with a 56mm lens.

20190221_365 Project 2019_365.052_006.jpg

The Fifth Floor at the Brooklyn Art Museum has beautiful art, but we loved the poured glass and the art storage room that is open to the public the most.

20190221_365 Project 2019_365.052_021.jpg
20190221_365 Project 2019_365.052_032.jpg
20190221_365 Project 2019_365.052_043.jpg

On the fourth floor of the museum is an exhibition called Half The Picture: A Feminist Look at the Collection, on display through March 31. It is well worth the trip, I wanted one of each of the Gorilla Girls posters for my own! The Dinner Party, also on the fourth floor, is an amazing triangle table with place settings for female artists and major historical figures, I photographed Sojourner of Truth, and Emily Dickinson’s place settings, but each and every one was a beautiful tribute to an important woman from history.

20190221_365 Project 2019_365.052_044.jpg

We actually almost didn’t make this trip because I had wanted to go see the Frida Kahlo exhibit, but it was sold out for the day. We decided to drive in anyway and see if there were any same day tickets available. But the time we got there, they were all sold out. But a lovely man had 2 tickets to give away. He was walking down the long line we were waiting in asking if anyone wanted to go to the FK show, he offered them to us, and we gladly accepted his gift. It was quite a beautiful gift of kindness, the tickets included admittance into the museum and 3:30 tickets to the Frida Kahlo exhibit. We had a few hours to explore the rest of the museum, we are so thankful to whoever that man was, he saved the day!

20190221_365 Project 2019_365.052_051.jpg

After the museum we headed over to the Brooklyn Art Library to drop off my 5th sketchbook. I love The Sketchbook Project, this is the fifth year both Meadow and I have participated. Her’s is not finished yet, so will have to be mailed in. You can see my 2019 book, Crows, in the last blog post. The library is free to visit and houses thousands of sketchbooks from artists around the globe!

20190221_365 Project 2019_365.052_059.jpg
20190221_365 Project 2019_365.052_066.jpg
20190221_365 Project 2019_365.052_075.jpg

What a lovely day in just a few images! I love a good road trip!