Berry Meadow-Dance Photoshoot

To follow up yesterday's blog post with the beautiful Berry Girls in still HumanNature poses, here is the whirling, twirling, dancing, skipping other half of our photo shoot. 


A field shoot in the meadow is a special, close-to-my-heart, image making dance.  We start by making flower crowns from the wild flowers growing in the meadow.  The flowers and grasses change over the course of the summer, and on this day the meadow was in it's full glory.  There were Black Eyed Susan's, and more Queen Ann's lace and clover and wild flowers than I ever remember there being last summer.  White, and purple, and orange and yellow...  all the colors called to us.  We brought scissors and carefully cut and created flower crown masterpieces.  


Then the dancing and twirling could begin!  With the waning summer sun kissing freckled noses and swirling hair we created memories and images....  

As I am posting this the meadow is being readied for New England Autumn. And while I look forward to all of the colorful Autumn photo shoots we can create under the cloak of fall colors in the meadow....  It is hard to believe, the summer grasses and flowers have all been mowed down to make room for many more flowers next year.  When I walk through the field these evenings, there are deer families with prancing young.  I love to watch them!  The other night a doe really wanted to come play with our tiny dog Zuzu. With curious eyes and a jaunty tail it crept closer and closer...  before it's mother called him back.  But the flowers and grasses are just a memories.  Lucky for us, we captured the meadow in it's full summer glory!