Becca, Kevin, Nate with Baby-On-The-Way

I am not sure they make families sweeter than this.  Becca, Kevin and Nate came over to play in the field and capture these last days as a family of three, with a very loved baby soon to join them.  What a lovely, special time, I am so glad I was able to capture these special images for this sweet, sweet family!  

I first met Becca years ago when my daughter took kids yoga classes with Becca. She was such a great first yoga teacher!  We really looked forward to these classes!  I would be in the yoga studio room next door listening to the kids roar and laugh in their kids class!  She was so great with those kids, and now she is an amazing mother to little Nate, what a lucky baby to be joining this family!  I loved watching her with Nate, and seeing her already loving the baby to be so much! 

Such a beautiful pregnant mama!  We had so much fun playing in the meadow, picking flowers and enjoying the beautiful May day!

Kevin is not only an amazing father, he is also an amazing yoga teacher too...  making this a family of yogis.  His yoga classes are great, challenging and educational. But watching him with Nate....  just heart warming.  He is such a gentile and loving father! 

And Nate?  I mean, come on, look at that hat!  I could seriously just eat him up!  When last I saw Nate he was dressed as Elmo, and adorably hamming it up for my camera at the Halloween Stroll in town.  I just love him, so adorable!  I can't even say it enough, adorable, adorable, adorable!  He is going to make a great big brother! 

I know this baby will be so loved.  So so loved!  

I enjoyed working with Becca, Kevin, and Nate, I really can not wait to meet the baby (and I KNOW I am not the only one!) thank you for playing in the field with me Becca, Kevin and Nate, I loved our time together!