Beautiful Jade In The River

When I was little, I was given a set of teeny tiny books called The Nuthatch Collection (or something like that, I still have the teeny tattered set of books, but not their covers of the box they all came in) anyway, one of the books by Robert Kraus is called The First Robin Of Spring.  This shoot with Jade reminds me so much of that book!  

In the First Robin Of Spring a sweet young robin wanted to be the first robin of spring so badly, that he shows up a bit too early and ends up with a cold, lucky for him, Mr Badger takes him in, makes him tea and calls Dr Wisegrey, a squirrel who gives him medicine.  Finally big mama Robin comes along to keep baby robin company and baby robin is fine and up and out the door to meet spring the next day.  

Beautiful Jade really wanted to do a shoot in water!  So we planned to meet at the river two weeks ago, but it was not a good day, then we planned to meet last week, still not a good day, and finally we just went ahead and did our shoot this weekend. The weather was ok, temp about 70... but she was still a bit too early, the water was FREEZING and poor Jade was shivering and shaking and so cold!  She persevered and did the shoot anyway, but we had to cut it short because we were just a bit too early.  Sadly here in CT, on June 3, we are still waiting for spring!  Come on Spring, or at this point, come on summer!  We will do this shoot again when it is warmer, but for now, here is our short session in the river.

On and if anyone wants to do their head shots while sitting on a rock in a river, or if you want to do your senior session in a river, or in the ocean... I am your girl!  Water shoots are my favorite!! (and has been since 1995, guess I never will change)


I had so much fun working with you again Jade!  Can't wait to try this again when it warms up!