Autumn with the lovely Pfadenhauer family

I am not just a photographer, I also teach creativity classes for children and adults. I LOVE to teach my creativity classes, and I love to do photography, and I love spending time outside and with my little family and swimming in water...

When we think back on the best of days, those perfect days that will stay with us forever... the funny thing is, those "perfect days" are often far from perfect.  Maybe we were setting out to find that perfect waterfall to hike to, for a great day of swimming. But then the hike was too far, or too buggy or someone had fallen asleep, so instead of hiking to a waterfall you ended up driving down country roads until you happened upon a covered bridge with a lazy bend in a river, and you swam there instead.  Maybe for a minute or two, you got lost in a little pity party, and were sad about not finding the perfect waterfall,  but then you realized that the lazy bend in the river was the perfect spot for that day...

Because life is not about perfection, (and that is just what I strive to teach in my creativity classes), life is about experiences and emotion and connection,  which is just what I strive to capture in my photographs. This little family is BURSTING with perfect moments of connection and love and togetherness. This day was perfect and I feel honored to have spent the afternoon with this lovely family!