A Lazy Summer Evening with the Courtney Family

I first met Emily when she worked at Whole Foods. I don't want to sound insane, but sometimes I go to Whole Foods four times a day... So I get to know the people who work there. They tend to notice you, in line, for fourth time in one day, checking out with just one bottle of lemon juice! Then one afternoon I found her on my back door step with her three adorable kiddos, she had answered a photo call for my BoyGirl project. And now, I have gotten to work with her whole family on a lovely summer evening meadow shoot! I feel lucky to connect with people in my community, and I feel even luckier when they are repeat customers, we are all connected, a little micro universe! I have now met her whole little family, and I just love their spunk and character! The girls loved Meadows old "twirly dresses" so much, they asked to wear them for their family shoot! I love those dresses too, and seeing them happily spinning in the meadow, in Meadow's old dresses, brought back so many happy memories for me! I loved spending a lazy summer evening with you all!!  Thank you for choosing to work with me! 

Follow along on our little journey into fairy land! I honestly could not get enough of watching this adorable little!  Look at her walking through the muddy path, carefully holding up Meadow's old dress! I honestly just can not get enough of her little hand, holding up that twirly skirt like a proper little princess! 

She's all about that twirl!  Each twirl was bigger than the last! <3

A big eyed baby, a vintage quilt, and a tired mama... and one great make shift baby-wearing-wrap! 

And as the sun gently set behind the trees, we walked back down the paths, through the grasses, and out into the "real" world. This one still carefully holding up her skirt. This was one peaceful, lazy, summer evening well spent! Thank you for following our journey!