365~Week 10

Week 10!?!?!?

Amazing! It really is amazing how this project is coming along. I feel the slip of inspiration all the time. I wake up and think, there will be nothing to take a photo of today. It is all the same, the couch, the kitchen, the snow. And then everyday, something little, or something big, will catch my eye. Today it was just a simple little thing, like Meadow deciding to wear a mustache necklace on our morning dog walk. The beauty of the mundane, the catch lights in the every day, that really is what this project is for me right now. I am sure it will change, once the season changes...

And I do feel that winter is letting up on it's grip... if just a bit now and again....

As always, if you would like to read the daily journaling that goes along with these images, please

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