365~ The first week

I have started a 365 project this year. I was kind of hesitant to do this project. I do like to photograph our every day happenings and activities, but I mostly do that with my phone and post the pix to Instagram (@phyllismeredith2), and while I do love to use my "big" camera, I mostly do that for planned shots or special activities or actually paying work. So it will be a challenge for me to do this with my "big" camera. Partly because I feel like using my real camera takes me a step away from what we are doing, and I want to be a part of our life, not just someone recording it. And also I have a hard time getting onto the computer to download and edit, which is why I love my phone so much for my every day. I also want to shot more film, and doing a 365 with my digital camera makes it seem less manageable to also be shooting film. I had started to bring my grandfathers Nikon F2 around with me for shoots at places like the art

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museum and such, and I guess now I feel like I should bring my digital camera so that I will have an image to post for this 365. There are also reasons that I do want to do this 365 project. First of all sometimes I will take a photo with my phone, and then really wish I had a high resolution "real" photo... Like the one of Meadow by the lit tree in Amherst Center that I posted to Instagram on New Years Eve. I love that photo, but only have the camera version, I did have the Nikon F2, but by that point in the night, I was too tired and too too cold to dig the F2 out, and then get a meter reading with my spot meter... so I just went with my phone. Now I wish I had a real image! And also I am somewhat slower with my digital than I would like to admit. I was trained on film, so am used to working at a slower pace than is required for "lifestyle" shoots. I want to up my confidence on speed and also work with just capturing the everyday with my digital. SO all in all, I have decided to take on this challenge. I really do look forward to the end of the year when I can look back on all of these great little moments all arranged so nicely and chronologically! I post one (0r 2) a day on a facebook page I have created for this project


And every seven days I will do a little recap! Today I decided that I wanted to try this project with the kids...


Blowing bubbles in the sub 0 temps proved more challenging than I had imagined! These photos are all my day seven 365 post, but I had to put them all up. It was crazy, they tried so hard to blow bubbles! It was freezing out, about -9 with windchill, and the bubbles kept popping. I think it was too windy. What you can't see is that Caleb was just out of shot blowing bubbles like crazy and Meadow was trying to catch them so that I could take a photo of a frozen bubble. They kept popping mid air, with a nice film, but it blew away before I got great photos. It was just too windy. We were out for about 10 minutes. It was so cold the bubble solution froze in the container, so we had to go in.... oh and we also went in because we were FREEZING!!

365 Project 2014 365 Project 2014 365 Project 2014 365 Project 2014 365 Project 2014 DSC_3650

And the week in review is here too....

Thank you for following along! This week we had cozy reading, and lots of snow, and cold and icy walks on the river, and ice lanterns graced our dinner table, and we put away Christmas and took a quiet reflective walk in the fog. See you next week with another week in review!

week one in review